IT Strategic Sales Consulting

TekEdge has well understood the challenges, constraints & market dynamics that Start-up’s & Emerging organizations face during their “Time to market” & “Time in the market” situations. In its constant endeavor to bring better predictability of sales & adopt business models that are more accepted with the changing times in the economy, TekEdge with its innovative concepts & services helps its customers to cut short long sales life cycles, negate competition, improve top line growth, expedite business decisions, ensure predictable business QOQ , better control of sales & help the entire team to focus on organizational performance.

TekEdge’s understanding of the ISV’s / Tech Start-Up’s business is as follows

  • Many of the ISVs in India are still mid-sized but already demonstrating high revenue growth.
  • Start-up’s are still below the radar of most international vendors but may grow in terms of vehicles of influence into the end-user segments they address.
  • Initially Start-Up’s predominantly spend 80% of their investments on resources including technical man power, technology, product, functionality etc & at the time to market situation are left only with 20% of their mobilized investments on Sales & Marketing.
  • Product business is 20% product, technology & 80% market reach, penetration, sales & revenues. These parameters are grossly missed & hence many a time we see that the Product Development Life Cycle & Market Development Life Cycle is not complimentary.
  • Start-up’s also suffer from attracting the right talent in Sales & Marketing & this is one of the reasons as they continue to have low end sales.

TekEdge’s OEPS services are aimed in addressing the 80% business needs of Start-Up’s by giving a major thrust to their Sales Eco-system with end to end sales consulting through its innovative services which have been discovered & designed to not only create markets but help in increased visibility & valuation for innovation & creation of IP.

The CEO of TekEdge says “ In my practical experience of having managed large cross functional teams I learnt that what is more important is not to “Control the team’s daily activities” but to “Control the sale” by focusing more on action by adopting scientific tools to predict & improve the probability of business. The key to success is to create a positive Sales Eco-system that transforms individuals to perform, excel & make a difference in their areas of operations ”.