Sunflower International

At Sunflower we realized the need for external help in the form of a professional partner in product packaging, Go to Market & other applicable areas for creating necessary strategies for various markets & segments. We came across Tekedge Strategic Sales Solutions Pvt Ltd and were delighted to meet their team. The team is very professional, have extensive practical knowledge about the areas they work in and most importantly, they understand the customer needs and are flexible to adapt to it.

 “In nutshell, precise understanding, in-depth industry knowledge and great customer service” make them look complete & an ideal partner to work with !!

 Vyankatesh Kulkarni


Sunflower International


3L Infotech

Establishing or Re-defining Sales eco-system itself can be an altogether innovative and challenging service more so for Start-up & Emerging organizations during their revenue realization phase in the market. 

Professionals like us who dream of a business concept drawn out of our own experiences and skills, certainly need Strategic Partners like TekEdge where you make a journey of redeveloping your business concepts along with them and give it a more thoughtful, long term and analytic base with an inside out view of the market needs & expectations.

 While we are currently working with TekEdge, we realized & strongly feel that TekEdge team not only work purely on revenue realization part but in fact create a foundation to look into all the eleven yards of necessary details required to develop business strategies that enable & aid desired organizational performance depending on the nature of  the product or concept .

 Ms. Nayana Bhagat,


3L Infotech, Pune. 

Seneca Global

I have known Chiru since 2005. While I was at Alliance IT Consulting, I have interacted with him when he was with Compulink. We used their product for streamlining our project management system. The association continued at Seneca Global as well  and he played a key role in our decision to use again Compulink product as a hosted service model. He stayed focused during the entire engagement and ensured successful implementation  of the solution.  His positive attitude, ability to find appropriate solutions to meet our needs, customer focus and establishing cordial and long term relationship makes Chiru a high impact sales person.

 I wish him well in his new “Avataar” as he builds TekEdge to help product development organizations in India and abroad. I am confident that he and his team at TekEdge will provide a unique approach to  help all SME’s to convert technology into cash under their innovative “OEPS” platform. .

Swaminathan Mani

Co-Founder & Director-Technology

Seneca Global

( Mr. Mani was formerly Director of Alliance Consulting IT Services Private Limited and Divine India Limited (NASDAQ: DVIN).  He was also the co-founder of Chemtrols Software in 1990.

 He has 35 years of experience in Engineering & Information Technology. Mr.Mani has built & managed large organizations and has been instrumental in institutionalizing collaborative model of software development and inculcating the ‘Product Ownership’ culture in software professionals.)  

CMC Limited

What I think of this initiative?

 Only thing which is permanent is change 

Companies face this challenge more so during the tough times. Accessing where they are and redefining new goal post is of paramount importance for both mid/ long term. 

Redefining Sales Eco-system is certainly an important attribute and one of the first things which needs to be done, while the others would follow as an offshoot. 

Conceptually, OEPS is the need of the hour, where there are several entrepreneurs who have created good products/ solutions passionately have clear go-to market challenges and more importantly resource constraints. OEPS would give such companies a formal and professional GTM approach which can possibly lead to a higher degree of predictability.

 Chiru and team have done the initial ground work quite well, the experience they bring to table would make the crucial difference for product companies. 

I wish TekEdge all the very best, they can help companies win. 

“People who predict change and adapt themselves successfully remain the winners”

Sambasivam S

Global SBU head

CMC Limited

Splendid Aparna Projects

Accession to new ideas is the only way to gain succession in recession. Redefining Sales Eco-system is certainly a commendable thought in general and more so particular for SME’s in the current scenario.

On personal and professional front, I would like to compliment Chiru on his innovative think tank. I am sure this idea, was born out of his Real time experiences & challenges encountered during his lengthy career in Sales & Marketing of IT products & services.

 If I just rewind for a while, my association with Chiru is now close to a decade. We worked together at Softpro where I was head of deliveries and he was custodian of a young sales team. Although I have seen 20 more summer’s age was never a constraint with this young Entrepreneur in his late thirties but in fact it was more enduring in terms of learning new market trends & technologies. He is the guy who always thinks differently different and makes things highly exciting and value added for those associating with him.  

 The OEPS concept conceived by Chiru will have a sobering impact on ISV’s initially and would transform slowly into a major revolution. One would not deny with my observation that most of today’s SME’s suffer from low end sales in spite of quality products and superior technology when compared with major competitors.

This above situation stems from the fact that SME’s fail to realize the importance of various intra-dependent factors ranging from lack of authenticated GTM strategy combined with appropriate skills & resources to execute the same. With Time to Mkt constraints, many a time we fail to see what we sell in the form of a product or service or solution in our quest to satisfy a customer’s real, current or future needs. Hence productization of IP is important to be competitive & I strongly believe the team at TekEdge would make the difference.  

 Uma Mahesh Palagummi

CTO, Splendid Aparna Projects, Hyd.

(Senior IT professional with 30 yrs of experience in Software Implementation & Strategic Planning worked with various MNC’s in India & US including Blue Star, Softpro Systems Ltd, Dow Group, GTE etc)

TiE - Pune

Mr Chiranjeevi Navuluri,

Thank you so much for taking time off your hectic schedule to share your valuable insights at the “TiE Pune Half Day workshop on Unfold the myth around Sales & Marketing functions "  with the TiE Pune Entrepreneurial community on  Saturday 31st Aug 2013.

The participants  found it to be extremely interesting and It was a huge learning experience for all those present there. 

We look forward to your continued support in future.

Mandar Joshi

Executive Director

TiE - Pune